About Us

Did you know?

The Westborough Food Pantry opened in 1986 providing approximately 30 people with food. Each family was given 1 bag of groceries per week. Mostly single people or couples received the food.

Today, the Food Pantry provides food for over 130 Westborough families. Each family receives up to 3 bags of groceries depending on the size of the family. Typically we distribute 125-130 bags per week. Estimating that each bag weighs 15-20-lbs averages out to 2,000-lbs of food per week distributed. That’s over 50 TONS of food per year! In addition to that Families also receive fresh meat, eggs and bread every week. The Food Pantry helps to feed an average of 900 people a month.

Fortunately for us, Westborough is an extremely generous community.

Every year, town-wide food drives sponsored by groups such as the Post Office, Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, and WASA ( Westborough Athletic and Social Organization) yield approximately 20,000-lbs of donated food. Donations from residents, religious institutions, schools, civic groups and businesses also provide us with food. Last year food donations accounted for over 50,000-lbs of the food distributed by the Food Pantry. Monetary donations enable us to purchase many food items as needed.

Last year we spent approximately $14,000 for fresh fruit and vegetables, $30,000 for fresh meat, $4,500 for bread and $9000 for eggs (about 4500 dozen eggs per year!!). Another $30,000 was spent last year on additional food needed to stock our store shelves.

We have a completely volunteer staff of over 60 men and women. It takes an average of 150 hours each week to purchase food, pick up and sort donated food and check expiration dates, stock the Pantry shelves, maintain our facility, handle administrative duties and staff our food pantry store.



Food donations for the pantry can be dropped off during distribution hours. Food items can also be dropped off at the Westborough Fire Department, Roche Bros. and the Lyman St Stop and Shop. Please do not donate expired items.

Distribution Hours

Tuesday 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Thursday 9:00 am – 11:00 am6:30 pm – 8:00 pm